5/1/10 - Happy New Year!

Well, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Back to the routine way of life of work, sleep and get out when I can, which hasn't been much lately. Since my last post in early December I have continued to feed the badgers most nights, but have not seen one during that time. I was talking to Kev Lewis down at the Barn Owl Centre the other night. He was out taking star trail pictures (which you can see on his web site). This process took him about three hours and he was in what was a "hot spot" for badgers. During his stay he saw no sign of badgers moving around, which isn't great. That is only one night, but during the time spent there, I would have hoped, he might have seen or heard something.

The tracks they use around the farm seem to be as cleary defined as ever so they are being used regularly, but I'm guessing late at night or early hours. Hopefully, with the food still going down regularly, they will return to a more sociable hour at some point, but that now may not happen until Spring.

I have been out and about a little with visits to Ham Wall RSPB site near Glastonbury, mainly to see the starlings, but whilst there I was lucky enough to see Marsh Harrier and a Bittern in flight. I've also been for some walks around Frampton on Severn and Slimbridge WWT.

I will post again, especially if there are any badgers sighted, in the not too distant future. Watch this space!

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