Thursday 2/12/09 - Nothing to report...

No updates for over a week, but unfortunately, nothing to update you on. The badgers have not been out when I've been at the hide for nearly three weeks. I had a good walk around the BOC last week and all three ditches that the badgers use to move around are all flooded. They can still walk down the field, but aren't doing that whilst I'm about. Over the weekend I found a log in the hedge and put it in front of the hide. I then put some peanuts under the log. I've been worried the badgers aren't turning up at all and I'm just feeding the local pheasants, so thought I'd put a little test out to see if the log is moved. Next day confirmed there were badgers accessing the area as they had dug under the log to get the nuts! Luckily it wasn't too deep or messy and proved that there are badgers still around. I wish I knew when!

I've been feeding most nights and watching occasionally, so as and when they return I will let you know.

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