Saturday 21/11/09 - Rain is an understatment!

Having not managed to feed or watch last night due to being busy on other things, I am hoping to visit the hide this evening and maybe see some badgers. The weather today has been atrocious. When it rains like it has been yesterday and today, I am concerned about flooding. Our house flooded in 2007 and we had to move out for six months. It was't much fun and my heart goes out to the people in Cumbria and Southern Scotland who have unfortunately flooded during the last day, or so.

I've already walked the dog this afternoon in torrential rain. It must have been bad as he wanted to come home after only a short time! I was fully kitted up and, as I've mentioned before, I like a bit of weather so made him do the "normal" walk. I think he enjoyed it by time we got back home. Whilst out I was walking along the brook behind our house checking the levels, but things were looking OK. I came in and it was almost straight back out to visit the Barn Owl Centre. When I got there Vince was there on his own as the others had all gone out fund raising. We had a quick chat and I set off down to the hide. The rain seemed to be easing a little and the wind seemed less than it had been earlier. It was just about dark and I put the feed out, including a few for the mouse, and sat there listening to the wind and rain. The mouse did eventually show up, but not the badgers. That is a week now without seeing any at the hide. I'm sure they must be feeding still as it's not cold enough to keep them underground yet, although I wouldn't blame them for staying underground today!

After about an hour I call it a day, disappointed not to have seen any badgers. I see nothing on the way back up and, as the rain has now stopped, I consider walking around the farm trying to see if any badgers are out and about. However, I'm cold and it's getting close to dinner time! I end up back at the farm just as the fund raisers get back from Oxford. They've had a good day and I have a quick coffee whilst they tell us all about it. Off home for dinner then. I'm glad the rain has stopped.-

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