Tuesday 17/11/09 - A badger at last!

I cannot watch the badgers tonight as I need to pick my daughter up at 7.00, but I go down there to feed at least. I like staying in touch with the place and go to feed when I can. Anyway, it's just gone six and I'm off down there in the dark to put some food out. Whilst walking down I see a badger working its way along a path. I stand and watch for a few seconds as he slowly disappears into the longer grass. Nice to see one outside of the feeding area. I continue down to the hide, feed and come back up without any more badgers. As I approach the farm, a Barn Owl flies through the hedge I'm walking along and I get a great view as he banks away from me and disappears back over the hedge. I always enjoy seeing owls, wild or otherwise and it makes up for not seeing the badgers so much lately.

I am only feeding again tomorrow, so no entry for then and hopefully back for watching on Thursday.

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