Coughs and colds and irregular badgers!

I've not managed to post for a little while as I've had a cough and cold and have been feeling a bit under the weather. From 1st November after my last post I've had a cough and the sniffles and didn't watch on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I did feed on Monday and Tuesday, but didn't on Wednesday when Vince did the feeding. Thanks Vince! I did go over for a while on Thursday, but started coughing and as it was November 5th it was pretty noisy anyway, I didn't see anything whatever the reason. Friday I fed, but it's my night out with the lads so I didn't watch. That brings me a little more up to date. On the nights I did feed, it was about the time the badgers normally turn up, around 6.30-6.40, but I saw no animals either at the hide or whilst walking there and back. With a very late show last Sunday I was concerned that the badgers had found a new route which didn't take in the hide until much later. Thursday's watch covered their normal time again and another no show. I thought about this and on Saturday decided to go over later, around 8.30, which is the time they arrived last Sunday.

Before going over to the hide I went to photograph the fireworks at Gloucester Docks. I enjoy my photography still, I just don't seem to have time to fit too much in. Unfortunately as the fireworks started, so did the rain. I don't mind the rain, but the wind was blowing right into my face, and consequently the lens. I spent more time trying to get waterdrops off the lens than actually photographing the fireworks. Once finished I set off for the Barn Owl Centre, a mile or so down the road.

I arrive at the hide at 8.20 and settle in. One dim light on, net partially down and food placed appropriately. I've brought a right feast for them tonight. I have a double helping of dog food mixed in with the small bits at the end of a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (I don't like the small bits in the bottom of the box!). This, along with the usual helping of nuts and fox/badger food should entice them out, if there are any badgers about. I sit there expectantly with the distant sound of fireworks still going off all around. I also hear a pair of Little Owls calling, but they aren't close. I sit there until 9.30 and decide to call it a day. Another no show. I've got a few people interested in a badger watching session, but if I don't know when the animals are coming, it's a bit tricky to book anyone in. I'll have to try something different tomorrow...

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