Saturday 14/11/09 - A stormy day

I fed the badgers last night but didn't stay and watch. It was pretty stormy when I walked down last night; dry at the time but very windy. Walking down there in the dark on my own I made sure I stayed out from under the large oaks, just in case! It was much the same walking down tonight. The wind had abated slightly, but still pretty rough. I had already been to the Barn Owl Centre today having bought 25kg of peanuts and 20kg of wild bird seed. I dropped them off and had a look at a computer issue they had. I came over a little earlier tonight, about 5.30, to see if any badgers were out early. They weren't. I stayed until about 7.10 and no sign of anything. Perhaps they don't like the wind?? Hopefully better luck tomorrow!

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