Sunday 15/11/09 - Another change in the weather

I had been meaning to get to the BOC earlier this afternoon for a bit of a walk with the camcorder as you never know what you might see. By time I get there it is 4.20 and getting dark. I still go for a wander at the opposite end of the farm to where the hide is. I'm hoping to see a badger out and about. After a nice start this morning we've had a spell of rain this afternoon, but suddenly the wind has dropped to nothing, the sky is pretty clear and the temperature has dropped dramatically. As I wander around a heavy dew is forming and mist is rising from the ground in sheltered areas. I spend an hour wandering and although I stand and watch a well worn badger path for half an hour of that time, I see no badgers. I disturb a lot of Redwing, though. I go back up to the farm to collect some nuts and set off down to the hide. In the torchlight it looks like a frost is forming, but it is just the light shining on the heavy dew. It is quite misty as I approach the hide. Food out and I'm in the hide for 5.45. I see the mouse, but no badgers again. After an hour and a half I call it a night and make my way back up to the farm. Is this the start of the badgers not coming out every night? Not sure, but two no shows plus the inconsitencies of the last week, or so, is not a good sign.

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