Monday 16/11/09 - An unsettled and unsettling night

I have a visitor booked in this evening but I'm not feeling overly confident about seeing any badgers after the last couple of nights. Anyway, when I arrive at the BOC, I find out the visit has been cancelled. I'm slightly relieved if I'm honest, but decide to go and give it a good go on my own. It's been wet and windy again today, the reason for the cancellation I guess. I'm in the hide for 6.30 and have added some Fruit and Fibre cereal which has been in our cupboard for a while. You never know what might bring the badgers in! The mouse is out soon after I settle down and I enjoy watching him in the torchlight. I haven't seen any sign of a badger after half an hour, then an hour. I don't give up and give it an hour and a half, but to no avail. Fruit and Fibre doesn't draw the badgers in after all. I see nothing walking back up to the farm either, and I wonder what has happened to the badgers. It's not cold as yet and I think if I was a badger I would still be out feeding up for winter on whatever I could find. Maybe they are out and about, but not visiting the hide? Who knows, but I'll keep trying to track them down for now.

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