Friday 14/8/09 - Back from hols

Had a great week away in North Wales, nature highlights being viewing the Ospreys at the Glaslyn Osprey Project, run by the RSPB, just inland from Porthmaddog. I have seen them at Loch Garten in Scotland, but this was a better view throught the scopes with two birds coming and going from the nest. Also finding the Choughs on the Lleyn Peninsula along with seal watching at Morfa Nefyn.

I also had a great day by driving out to the end of Anglesey to South Stack, another RSPB site to see what was around. The most amazing thing for me was the fantastic display of heathers and gorse; literally hundreds of acres of it. It looked so pretty. If the sun had of been out it would have looked even better. I did see more Choughs here, gannets, oystercatchers and all the gulls, I think! Even a kestrel living on the cliff, apparently!

On the way back from Wales we stopped off at Gigrin Farm, the Red Kite Feeding Station at Rhayader. I've been before in January this year and really enjoyed it. Feeding is at 15:00 in the summer, but although there were a number of birds around, they weren't interested in feeding. We continued waiting (getting used to that now with the badgers) and eventually at around 16:45 the Kites, Ravens, Buzzards and other corvids began feeding. Again it was a great display with about forty Kites in attendance.

Got back home at about 20:20 and back out for the badgers at just gone 21:00. It's amazing how much darker it is at this time compared to a week ago. I think I might be too late. No nuts down today so I rush down to the hide put the nuts out and wait. Nothing happens. I give it about twenty five minutes and give up as I'm really tired. I see nothing walking back up either, a complete no show. Hopefully things will improve now as it's Sunday and I'm just off out to see if they show tonight. Will keep you posted.

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