Tuesday 19/8/09 - More of the Same?

After last nights great display with the badgers and fox cub, I decided to do the same again tonight. I fed up the hide and dropped back to the area near the sett and settled down in the grass. Vince and myself had decided to try the radio again tonight. Vince had taken it down earlier and left it covered in a camo net. It was on so you could hear it 10 yards away and the aim is to get the badgers used to some local background noise. The local Tawny Owl was out and about, the stars came out and the radio played, but no sign of badgers or foxes. I noticed a bit later that the radio had gone very quiet and then silent. As it was a little way away from me all I could assume is the batteries had gone! After an hour and ten minutes sat waiting in the grass, decided to call it a night and as I had started some work on a PC earlier in the evening, went straight back up to the farm. I picked up the dead radio and with my headtorch on, I noticed some eyeshine in the bushes near where I had been waiting. It looked like a fox was watching me, but for how long? I went back up to the farm and finished off the IT work and then off home to bed. It's odd how one night can be so good and the next, not!

I will be posting some video of the badgers as soon as I've mastered the art of downloading from the camcorder. Watch this space!

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