Thursday 6/8/09 - Last night for a week

As we are off on hols tomorrow, tonight is the last night of attending the hide for a week. Beth comes along with me as she too is going to miss the badgers. Tonight, as a bonus, I've brought my new camcorder along. I only got it today having driven down to Bristol to get it. I did order it from over two weeks ago, but lies and no delivery sums up their service. I've not used it at all as yet so it will be fair test to film in the darkness.

We arrive at the hide and spread some food around for the badgers. It's quite dark now at 21:40 when the first badger appears, closely followed by a second and then a third. They arrive down the main path to the hide and slowly work their way towards us. All three are full grown and, thankfully, feeding confidently. I try and use the camcorder on its "night setting", but in the dark having not used it before, it's not easy. I manage to find the colour night setting but without illumination, it's just black! I put the spotlight onto the badgers and it actually produces a picture! The badgers are now about ten feet away, chewing, sniffing, the usual. I continue to film when I can, but holding the spotlight and operating the camera is not easy. After about twenty minutes, the food is gone, shortly followed by the badgers who trot off almost as one. A good night for viewing!

Back up to the farm and a chat with Juliette and Vince. They have had some problems with some birds and a stomach upset which has been a concern, but most are over it now. Juliette invites us into the indoor flying area where Connie, the long-eared owl chick has been starting her training. It's great to be so close to this beautiful little owl. She's let out of her cage and immediately flys onto a nearby seat. I'm filming of course. Beth is then offered the chance to hold and feed the owl. What a fantastic opportunity. Beth is a bit reluctant to begin with as chopped up day old chicks don't look that good up close, but Connie thinks they are great and eats all offerings. She flies around a bit and is obviously inquisitive and interested in what is going on around her. We stay much later than we should and, reluctantly, leave for home and holiday.

No internet on hols so no updates for the week. Now home again and connected once more, so updates as and when.

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