Monday 24/8/09 - After last nights antics

After seeing the foxes and badgers outside the hide last night, I was keen to get down there for more of the same tonight. I thought that once the foxes had discovered a food source, then they would probably return.

I'm down at the hide, just gone 21:00, on my own. It's a lovely evening, stars are starting to appear, almost no wind, although what bit there is is in my face and therefore I'll be downwind of the badgers. It feels a little eerie down here tonight, I don't know why. A couple of wild Tawny Owls are about, but not much else. I start wondering why I've not seen any badgers or foxes tonight. It seemed like such a pleasant evening, but now I just feel a little uneasy. Odd as I'm not normally scared of the dark. Anyway the hour comes and goes and I decide to give it another ten minutes. After a few minutes I roll up the scrim net door and sit there watching the stars. Another five minutes and I pick up my kit, shut the door on the hide and, still feeling uneasy, start walking back up. I decide to scan the area around me with the torch as I'm walking, but don't even see any eye shine. Most odd. I make it back up to the farm without being attacked by anything unpleasant and wonder why I felt like that. It's odd that it's coupled with a complete no show of any animals. Perhaps they knew something I didn't...

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